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Chartwell Learning and Development

We began life as an educational publishing company in 1977.

For nearly four decades we have dedicated ourselves to delivering positive and profound change in the individuals, teams and companies we work with. The company was founded by Kevin Munro, running its first Positive Power and Influence Programme in 1983, which gradually became Chartwell’s flagship programme.

We practise what we preach. Our business philosophy is based on mutual trust and flexibility, which is central to the way we run the Programme and work with our clients. We value our relationships and take pride in keeping things simple – we want our relationships to be transformational rather than transactional.

In other words, we like to minimise small print, so we can concentrate on delivering stimulating and challenging learning experiences.

The core team is based in Brighton, UK, but with our network of committed, highly experienced and professional facilitators, and our community of international partner organisations, we have a global reach.

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"Hugely challenging; confronted deep-seated issues and has left me confident I have the tools to overcome them."

“Will change your thoughts about leadership. The best training I ever took”

“Very valuable - gave me a real insight into my style and behaviours and how to improve. The facilitators were very effective, approachable and inclusive.”

“Gave me insights into my natural style and provided me with the tools to use in different situations. Learning for a life time.”

“Excellent. Very insightful”

“Inspirational. Helping you to develop your impact in all situations”

“Do it. Very enlightening. Opens your mind!”

“A life-changing experience”

“A perfect trainer. Engaging, enthusiastic, an expert in the field. What more could one ask for?”

“Excellent. It opens your eyes to how differently you can behave”

“I got so much out of the programme. Have had excellent results back in the business.”

“Brilliant. Driven, clear, insightful & genuinely focused on making a personal difference for everyone. Exceptional. Go on it and engage – you learn a lot!”

“Extremely valuable – helped me to diagnose the style I use most frequently and exposed me to other styles that may be more appropriate given the objective.”

“Came in sceptical, left believing!”

“Thought provoking, challenging and insightful.”

“Insightful, transformational!”

“The most fascinating course I have attended. Key lessons for both personal and professional life.”

“Excellent. Created, safe environment very quickly. Exceeded expectation.”

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