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We’ve changed the way we deliver Positive Power and Influence open programmes.

The previous suite of 2 and 5-day programmes has evolved into the more flexible Immersive Learning and Blended Learning Programmes.

Most importantly, this means that the aims and outcomes of all our Positive Power and Influence programmes are now the same – only the experience and method of delivery is different.

Both Immersive and Blended programmes involve hard work. Both involve pre-programme exercises. Both involve challenging, experiential group phases. Both give you space for evaluation, reflection and feedback. And both deliver behavioural change and learning for a lifetime.

What’s different is the way you learn.

Blended Learning Programmes

Tailor the journey to suit your schedule.’

 The Blended Learning Programme is our most flexible product.

On the Blended programme you manage part of the journey – you choose the when and the where.

Before the three-day group phase, there are a series of video modules and an Influence Questionnaire – to identify the way you influence now.

There is a virtual classroom-based exercise, where you interact with your facilitators and fellow delegates for the first time.

Importantly, all these exercises arm you with the knowledge you need ahead of the group phase.

You learn the theory and concepts of the Positive Power and Influence programme at your own time and pace, before joining other delegates for the live three-day group phase at one of our select venues.

This means you can dive straight into the group phase, armed with all the tools and knowledge you need to maximise your learning over the three days.

The Blended Learning Programme is right for you if you want:

  • The flexibility to learn theory and concepts in your own time and pace
  • A shorter group phase that throws you straight into the experiential learning
  • A deeper understanding of virtual-influence


Immersive Learning Programmes

‘5 days of learning. A lifetime of influence.’

 The Immersive Learning Programme is our most intensive product and is built around a five-day group experience.

You will have pre-work exercises – including the all-important Influence Questionnaire, which helps our delegates diagnose their own influence behaviours, strengths and weakness.

There are also pre and post-programme consultations with our facilitators.

But the core of the programme is the Immersive group phase, where your learning is delivered during one challenging, inspiring and results-focused week.

It’s five days away from the office, giving you the time and space to focus on your self-development.

Together the group learns the concepts that underpin the Positive Power and Influence programme, before moving into the Self-Directed Learning phase. Here, having diagnosed your strengths and weaknesses, you choose the exercises that can help you develop.

You have time to reflect, practise and perfect techniques in a safe environment, away from the workplace, plus you have access to one-to-one coaching and feedback from our facilitators.

The Immersive Learning Programme is right for you if you want:

  • An intensive experience that develops new skills quickly
  • More time to reflect and practice away from the workplace
  • To diagnose and overcome blocks to your development
  • Access to one-to-one coaching
  • A rich networking environment



What’s important is that now all our delegates will graduate from both the Immersive and the Blended Learning Programmes with new skills, greater self-awareness, and a more flexible and effective approach to the way they influence others.

All participants will leave the group phase with:

  • The ability to achieve personal objectives whilst strengthening relationships
  • Increased behavioural flexibility and a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses
  • The ability to judge the best influence style for any given situation
  • Tools, resources, and networks that encourage continual development and enable them to apply skills at work


Blended Learning Programme: £2,950 + VAT

Immersive Learning Programme: £3,875 + VAT

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