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Influence Style Roulette

Step 1. Pick a card from a standard pack of cards

The first player draws a new card that determines which Influence Style(s) he or she must use.

  • If spades is drawn, respond with Persuading.
  • If clubs is drawn, respond with Asserting.
  • If hearts is drawn, respond with Bridging.
  • If diamonds is drawn, respond with Attracting.
  • If the card is a picture card, the player must first use the indicated Influence Style, and then try to Disengage from the situation, using any Style.

Option: If the group wishes, an alternative to drawing cards is to have the group decide which Style a player should use. Be alert not to Avoid the difficulty involved in practising a particular Style.

Step 2. Play the recorded situation.

Using the audio controls below, play the prerecorded situation from one of the options below (Manager to Direct Report, Peer to Peer or Direct Report to Manager). Each situation is repeated on the recording. Listen to the first statement only, and then “pause” the player.

Step 3. Prepare your response.

When responding, the player should take 30 seconds to:

  • Set an Influence Objective: what you want the other person to do.
  • Think through a Core Style Statement in the Influence Style selected. (The player may take notes). The Core Style Statement should include each of the Behaviours in the Style.