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Pocket Partner is designed for participants on the Positive Power and Influence Programme to help them strengthen skills and determine the correct styles to use in upcoming situations. Built for your smartphone/tablet, Pocket Partner is available free via Apple and Google Play stores now.

Delegates often tell us how useful they find the programme materials. And many of you may still carry around the aide-memoire cards or learning journal. We felt it was time to create something that was instantly accessible and a constant reminder of the tools and techniques learnt on the programme.

Pocket Partner is designed to be both a reference tool to help you practise and hone your skills, and a diagnostic tool to help you determine the correct styles to use in upcoming influence situations.

Open it up and you’ll find familiar buttons with the four key influence styles – Persuading, Asserting, Bridging and Attracting.
These lead to style guidelines and diagnostic checklists, plus the all important ‘Style Stems’ or language cues, which help you think your way in to individual influence behaviours.
Back to the launch page and you’ll find the Influence Planning Tool. You begin by fixing the situation, the person you wish to influence and the desired results in your mind, before clicking multiple choice responses to a series of statements.
Based on the results, Pocket Partner then presents the best styles for the objective, before inviting you to practise them using the guidelines and style stems. Have a go and let us know what you think!