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How do you build rapport with stakeholders when you work virtually? How do you ensure your message is conveyed with presence and impact? How do you galvanise and lead your team with clarity and creativity?

We’ve been delivering behavioural skills development sessions in virtual settings since 2016 and we know how effective they can be as a learning environment, adding value to the face to face experience in often unexpected ways. We also know that as the world changes this way of working and learning will become the norm for many of us.

Building on our experience and the feedback of our clients and participants we’ve developed a Virtual Learning suite of programmes. We’ve integrated the theory and experiential learning activities of the Positive Power and Influence programme with the advantages of the virtual environment to create opportunities for people to stretch and refine their behavioural repertoire so that they can be credible, connected, and influential, whatever the context.

We use a mix of individual online work, facilitated group learning, 1:1 coaching, and peer feedback to create a stimulating and challenging journey. We support each participant as they assimilate feedback to identify their learning edge. And by creating a safe learning climate we encourage all participants to experiment and integrate new skills and behaviours so they leave ready to apply their learning straight away.

We expect great outcomes from every programme we deliver but we think our virtual programmes add value in other ways:

Learning can be integrated and applied between modules.

Enhanced opportunities to explore cross-cultural perspectives.

Exploration of climate, connection, and leadership in a virtual environment.

The Positive Power and Influence: Virtual Learning Programme is available as an open-enrolment programme for individuals and as an in-company programme for organisations.

It quite simply delivers on development. One of the best learning experiences I’ve had the opportunity to be part of.


This programme has given me confidence in my ability, and clarity in my development areas. What I really liked about this programme was the ability to practise and get honest feedback in the moment. What I valued was the time and space to invest in myself, and the ability to do that with such an incredible group of participants and facilitators.

L&D Manager, EY

Brilliant programme with brilliant content and exceptional trainers with the knowledge and understanding to ensure impact on participants


Open-Enrolment Positive Power and Influence Programme

Virtual Learning Programme: 12 x 2 hour sessions

£2,450 + VAT

Organisational Positive Power and Influence Programme

Virtual Learning Programme: Choice of 9 or 12 x 2 hour sessions

From £1,400 + VAT per person