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Matt Cowan

Matt Cowan

Strategic Partner

  • Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • ILM Diploma in Management Coaching/MBTi/Belbin/ Insights
  • Experienced in leadership, management, behavioural and team development
  • Public, private, corporate and charity sector experience
  • Described as reliable, honest, loyal and friendly

I am an independent UK learning and development consultant. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Anthropology and have always been fascinated by cultures, people, what they do and why they do it. I have solid experience of the learning and development sector through my background in higher education, lifelong learning, management, leadership and behavioural training. I have worked in a range of environments including, institutions, corporations, small to medium enterprises and charities.

I am a great believer in the power of experiential learning and like to facilitate and collaborate with people, always allowing and encouraging them to drive their own learning and development, drawing their own unique and creative insights. As a deliberative person I am often able to assist people in identifying opportunities and the obstacles they may need to overcome in order to successfully achieve their objectives.

I support and challenge individuals and groups, ‘holding up a mirror’ so that people can reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, develop confidence, clarity and ultimately be more powerful. My role is to assist people in achieving their goals both personal and professional and it is a great honour for me to play a part in this. It is always really rewarding to see people moving forward with new knowledge, refined skills and a greater self awareness.

I truly value working in environments that are empowering for everyone involved.