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Greg Spencer

Greg Spencer

Strategic Partner

  • Certifying Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business & Executive Coaching
  • Experienced organization and personal consultant working in the UK and internationally at all levels of management and leadership including senior teams and board level clients
  • Described as warm, challenging and good at building a positive climate.

I love Positive Power & Influence and am delighted to be a strategic partner with Chartwell having been associated with the programme for 15 years.

I think people are generally capable of doing amazing things, at work and at home, but often they feel unsure about moving away from the familiar habits and patterns that help them feel safe. Seeing people make personal breakthroughs is the single most exciting thing I can be involved in – as a facilitator, team coach or trainer.

I have been involved in organization consulting for over 15 years and have worked with clients across most industrial sectors. In the last 12 months my consulting has taken me to the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central America and the UK. But at the heart of all my work is a focus on helping develop productive and honest business relationships – in all its different cultural forms.

The first half of my working career was spent with HSBC in a range of commercial management and leadership roles and I guess I know the financial services sector better than any other.

I think that when you boil it all down, my key strength is as a facilitator. I know how to build a climate of openness and trust and when I’m at my best I can thread humour and informality though even the most challenging development work. I’m a pretty good executive coach, but a better group facilitator.