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Dr Julia Eziashi

Dr Julia Eziashi

Strategic Partner

  • Certified Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • Experienced Executive Coach
  • 30 years International Consulting experience
  • Described by clients as supportive, grounded, insightful and engaging.

As a strategic partner of Chartwell Learning & Development, I am involved in facilitating both the open programmes and customized in-company training.

My strengths are really listening to clients, both what is said and not said, to help draw out fresh insight and highlight new opportunities for clients to do things differently in a way that serves them to realize their potential and their desired results.

I love running the programme as it’s the best influence training I know that really touches individuals and groups in a very personal and real way. I particularly enjoy working with individuals and groups to help them make shifts in their thinking and doing that allows them to overcome blocks they may have had.

I have run the programmes internationally including in Europe, Africa and the Middle East and my prior working experience has included living an working in America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. My clients have included EY, Nationwide, World Bank, World Economic Forum, various Caribbean Governments, Cable and Wireless, Bank of Nova Scotia and Twinings.

My background is in human resources with over 30 years experience as a human resource professional and Leadership coach. I continue to coach and consult in a range of specialist areas including talent management, learning and development, organization change, leadership coaching, performance and career management.

I hold a doctorate in business administration, MBA in International Business; MSc in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching