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Richard Mindel

Richard Mindel

Strategic Partner

  • Certified Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • Business psychologist
  • Executive coach
  • Over 30 years experience of organisation consulting and people development in the UK and Europe
  • Described by clients as creative, energetic and kind

I was the Positive Power & Influence Course Director when I worked at BP International and have regularly delivered open and in-house Positive Power & Influence programmes for Chartwell. My clients know me as someone who works hard to appreciate what makes an organisational culture distinctive and engages and challenges executives from diverse functions and backgrounds.

I enjoy tuning in to people and understanding what makes them tick. I am especially interested in helping technical experts and specialists to realise their potential as organisational leaders. I work with individuals to build confidence and capability and encourage people to realise their strengths and skills.

I like designing and facilitating bespoke strategy development and learning interventions and forming strong coaching relationships with leaders from different cultures.

My clients include BBC, BP Exploration, The Cooperative Group, Ernst & Young, University of Geneva.