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Su Openshaw

Su Openshaw

Strategic Partner

  • Certified Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • BSc (Hons) Social Psychology, MBA: specialism in International Business, and Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Executive Coaching
  • Wealth of experience in working with FTSE 100 companies and 3rd Sector organisations
  • Described as honest, supportive and intuitive by clients and colleagues

I have worked as a Management Consultant over the last 20 years across diverse sectors and countries. I currently operate out of my home near Geneva where I run my own business.

My philosophy and approach to developing businesses and individuals was formed by my early career in management in the Retail sector. These years formulated the approach I follow today, which is a pragmatic business focussed one. During this period I discovered a passion for developing others to be successful in their business context, and I realised the core skill needed was Influence. I have been a Lead Facilitator for Positive Power & Influence for over 10 years, and have worked around the world to help others develop their ability to influence in complex and challenging business environments.

Prior to starting my own management consultancy I was a partner and director in Sheppard Moscow (an established global organisation development consultancy) for 10 years. My work includes Positive Power & Influence, Executive Coaching, Culture Change projects, Team Development, Leadership Development and Business Partnering. I have worked with global and UK organisations such as World Bank, Unicef, Unilever, EY, L’Oreal, and Nationwide.

I add particular value by taking a strategic view and designing integrated approaches to ensure lasting change is achieved, whether that be at an organisational or individual level. I have been described as someone who demonstrates courage, independence and a desire to learn; who supports others and uses her intuition to develop individuals, teams and organisations with skill and sensitivity; and whose determination achieves results.