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Yasmin El-Dabi

Yasmin El-Dabi

Strategic Partner

  • Certified Trainer of Positive Power & Influence Programme™
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPCC)
  • Accredited MBTI practitioner
  • Experienced facilitator and coach
  • Clients say: authentic, challenging, supportive, direct, transformational
  • Wide consulting experience, working internationally

I am a strategic partner to Chartwell. My role is to lead and deliver Positive Power & Influence programmes across the world. I facilitate both, in-company programmes and open enrolment programmes.

My strengths lies in making an extraordinary connection with my clients, to help them access and use their unique strengths in an authentic way.

I have huge love and respect for the Positive Power & Influence Programme. It’s a fantastic place of learning for all who get in contact with it. I have learned so much on the programme over the years and I still continue to do so. I have worked with clients in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Some of my recent programme clients are: EY, Britvic, L’Oreal, The Bodyshop, Sadara and the YMCA.

I’m half German and half Sudanese. I grew up in Germany and have lived in the UK for the past 19 years. Perhaps it is this mixed background which leads me to a fascination in differences – individual, gender, cultural, organisational and national. I bring this fascination to my work. I’m genuinely interested in the unique individual and how they can play to their strengths, helping them and the organisation they work in to thrive.