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The Positive Power and Influence Programme allows delegates to practise their influence skills using sometimes unfamiliar styles and behaviours. The core influence styles are persuading, asserting, bridging and attracting, and each style has certain behaviours associated with it. We looked to the silver screen to pick twelve examples of influence in action.

Style: Bridging

Behaviour: Disclosing

Movie: Some Like It Hot

Jack Lemon attempts to disclose his way out of marrying a millionaire.

Style: Attracting

Behaviour: Sharing Visions

Movie: Henry V

Kenneth Branagh shares inspiring visions to prepare the lads for Agincourt.

Style: Persuading

Behaviour: Reasoning

Movie: The Ladykillers

Alec Guinness reasons with Katie Johnson, hoping to influence her from going to the police.

Style: Attracting

Behaviour: Finding Common Ground

Movie: Jaws

Richard Dreyfuss and Robert Shaw share scar stories.

Style: Bridging

Behaviours: Listening & Involving

Movie: 12 Angry Men

Henry Fonda bridges with Jack Klugman to get the low down on flick knives.

Styles: Asserting/Persuading

Behaviours: Stating Expectations, Proposing & Reasoning

Movie: Dr Strangelove

George C. Scott seeks to influence Peter Sellers into an all-out attack.

Styles: Persuading/Bridging

Behaviours: Reasoning & Listening

Movie: When Harry Met Sally

Billy Crystal reasons that men and women can never be friends.

Style: Attracting

Behaviour: Finding Common Ground

Movie: The Princes Bride

Cary Elwes and Mandy Patinkin find common ground during a balletic sword fight.

Style: Persuading

Behaviours: Proposing & Reasoning

Movie: The Hunt For Red October

Alec Baldwin proposes that a rogue sub captain may be trying to defect.

Style: Asserting

Behaviour: Stating Expectations

Movie: Office Space

Gary Cole states his expectations to Ron Livingston.

Style: Bridging

Behaviours: Listening, Involving & Disclosing

Movie: Dr Strangelove

Peter Sellers attempts to bridge over a nuclear crisis.