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It’s back to school time. It’s the end of holidays. The nights are closing in. To combat Autumnal blues, and following on from our Influence at the Movies post, the Positive Power & Influence team has chosen five favourite sketches that demonstrate influence behaviours and styles in action, with mixed results.

MONTY PYTHON: Argument Clinic

Style: Persuading

Behaviour: Reasoning

Notes: Michael Palin reasons for all he’s worth. John Cleese proves to be an immovable object.
Excerpt: “An argument is a collective series of statements to establish a definite proposition.”

PETE & DUD: One Leg Too Few

Style: Bridging

Behaviour: Involving/Listening

Notes: Peter Cook involves, discloses; Dudley Moore listens.
Excerpt: “Need I say, with over much emphasis, that it is in the leg division that you are deficient.”

BIG TRAIN: Zurich Sketch

Style: Persuading/Attracting

Behaviour: Proposing/Sharing Visions

Notes: Simon Pegg takes a bold step to roadblock impending disaster.
Excerpt: “Alexander’s going to be hugely distracted and confused and he’s maybe not going to even talk about Zurich at all.”


Style: Asserting

Behaviour: Stating Expectations

Notes: Graham Chapmen attempts to assert his Kingly position . . . but to no avail.
Excerpt: “Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?”

MITCHELL & WEBB: 3rd Person Caesar

Style: Asserting/Attracting

Behaviour: Positive Evaluation/Sharing Visions

Notes: David Mitchell tries a range of styles to coax his boss through the new protocol.
Excerpt: “So instead of saying ‘I am listening’ you say ‘Caesar is listening’ or ‘Caesar listens’. Makes you seem more . . .”